IT-toolkit for energy efficient retrofit

The IT-Toolkit for Energy Efficient Retrofit Measures is a collection of computer tools for public buildings out of the IEA Annex 46. The toolkit supports owners and planners of public buildings in the following tasks: identification of buildings with energy consumption that is too high, the energy-efficient operation of buildings, detailed inventory and building documentation, ideas for energy-efficient refurbishments, development of an energy-efficient retrofit concept based on DIN V 18599 (compatible to EPBD CEN standards) and economical evaluation of energy performance contracts.

NODES strategic objectiveContribution
Enhance accessibility and integration 0
Enhance intermodality 0
Enhance liveability +
Increase safety and security conditions 0
Increase economic viability and costs efficiency +
Stimulate local economy 0
Increase environmental efficiency ++
Increase energy efficiency ++

Good practice

A collection of best practices is available at:

Toolkit for energy-efficient residential buildings in India. The objective of the toolkit is to calculate the projected energy demand and to identify the energy-saving potential in comparison with a reference building. (

Potential interchange performance improvement

  • energy saving
  • associated monetary waste
  • associated sustainability improvements


The IT-Toolkit is available free of charge.